About Us

About Us

Started in 1989, we are a professional engineering consultancy run by professional engineers offering engineering consultancy services. Specializing in MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, IT and BUILDING AUTOMATION SERVICES for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors domestically as well as internationally.

We initially involved ourselves in the consultancy of various types of factories but over the last few years, have branched into all types of residency and commercial projects. We specialize in the design of Cleanrooms of Class 10 to Class 100,000 including the design and specifications of Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical services for Wafer Fab , Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Tooling, Food & Feed industry.

Our other specialties in the industrial sector include process utilities ranging from oil free air services, vacuum services, process cooling water services, industrial gases services, reverse osmosis and deionized water services to waste treatment services. We also have extensive experience in the design, construction and implementation of Data Centers and its ancillary services like IT systems, UPS systems and Specialty Fire Protection Systems.

Some of our selected industrial clients are a top-tier Multinational company, Motorola, Osram Opto-semiconductors, Jabil Circuit, Plexus, BBraun, Dell, Linear Semiconductor, Applied Magnetics, Altera, Sony, Sequel, Trans Capital, Sinetimed Latex, Leader Cable, Q-Cell etc.

We have also involved ourselves in various residential high rises and commercial complexes including restoration projects of some heritage buildings. Some of our selected commercial and residential high rises include designing for Giant Hypermarket, Millennium Tower (33 storey Super Condo in Gurney Drive), TNB Building (Anson Road), Hong Leong Bank (Light Street) and Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion.

Recent developments have seen us expand our services to countries like India, China and Vietnam. Our regional presence have been increasingingly important and we are making our presence felt especially in emerging markets like India and Vietnam. Inline with such ventures, we have established strong and dependable ties with the relevant local consultants to assist and oversee aspects of our projects during the absence of our direct personnel / staff.

In addition to design and tendering projects, we have also supported clients in project management activities. Which include, monitoring progress, timely completion as per schedule, site audit and QAQC, solutions to site problems, complete testing and commissioning of M&E systems. We have assisted in supporting, managing and running projects from award of contract to completion of construction and handover.

Our Team


The directors of Pen Konsult Sdn Bhd are engineers who have extensive experiences in the mechanical, electrical and project management fields and working experience in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, China and Britain in projects such as hotels, condominiums, commercial complexes and industrial complexes.


  • B.SC (Hons) (Mechanical), University of Nottingham, U.K.
  • P.Eng., C.Eng., MIEM, MCIBSE AMIMechE
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Managing Director of Pen Konsult Sdn. Bhd.
  • Professional Engineer of Malaysia (Mechanical)
  • Chartered Engineer of Britain
  • Member of National Fire Protection Association, US

Mr. Lee has over 32 years of experience in engineering consultation, management, hands on site work and maintenance for Mechanical and Electrical services in high rise, residential and commercial projects, industrial and including specialising in Cleanrooms and various mechanical utilities. These projects are located in countries like Vietnam, India, China, Britain, Singapore and Malaysia.


  • B. Eng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • University Of Aberdeen, U.K.
  • P.Eng. MIEM
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Director of Pen Konsult Sdn. Bhd.
  • Professional Engineer Malaysia (Electrical)
  • Energy Manager registered with Suruhanjaya Tenaga

Mr.Teh has over 24 years of experience in engineering and consultancy. His major is in electrical engineering specializing in High Voltage/Low Voltage for various types of buildings ranging from commercial complexes to industrial complexes. Mr. Teh has worked in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India and Germany.


  • B.Eng (Hons) in Electrical Power Engineering
  • P.E register with BEM
  • Corporate Member with IEM (MIEM)
  • Green Building Index Facilitator (GBIF)
  • Energy Manager register with Suruhanjaya Tenaga

Ir Darren Khoo has more than 15 years of experience in consultancy. One year at Kuala Lumpur and and 14 years in Penkonsult. He has been handling various industrial and commercial project like Intel, Ibiden, AVX(Thailand), VAT, Osram, Plexus (Thailand), Jabil (Indonesia),Q Cell, Kawan food, BBraun, Teleflex, Gurney Paragon Supercondo, I-Santorini etc.

His speciality is in power electrical engineering 132kV, 33kV, 11kV system design, low voltage electrical building services, extra low voltage like CCTV, public address system, card access and IT services. His experience extends from working in Malaysia to Thailand, Indonesia.


Ir Teng Thin Po ( Project Manager) 

  • B.Eng(Mech)
  • P.E (BEM)
  • Miem.E (Mech)
  • Professional Interviewer

Ir Teng is project manager. He has been with us for more then 14 years and with extensive experience in building industry. He is Professional Interviewer for IEM. He was the chiller system specialist before joining Penkonsult.

During his time at Pen Konsult, he has been involved with industrial and high rise project to design for air conditioning and ventilation (ACMV), instrumentation and controls, cleanroom design, building management system(BMS) and life safety system(LSS). He has design knowledge of process facilities like Oil Free Air, Vacuum and Exhaust systems. Ir Teng developed his skill into project management and has been assigned as project manager to oversee many industrial and high rise projects that Pen Konsult has undertaken.

Ir Chua Eu Liang

  • B.Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering
  • P.E (BEM)
  • MIEM)

Ir Chua is the senior mechanical design engineer. He has been with us for over 7 years. He joined penkonsult as design engineer since he graduated.

During his time at Pen Konsult, he has developed from a design engineer to senior Design Engineer. He has been involved with industrial and mix development design project and has accumulated the design experience includes air conditioning, fire protection, instrumentation and controls and cleanroom design. He also has designed for the process facilities like Oil Free Air, Vacuum, Gaseous and Exhaust systems etc for factory. His forte is mainly industrial projects and lead/supported many of the industrial projects Pen Konsult has undertaken.

Ms On Chen Yin

  • M. Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Ms Oo Chen Yin is our associate mechanical design engineer. He has over 9 years of working experience. Her early days were in contracting company that involve in project execution for multinational industrial factory. This has allowed her to have in depth understanding on the site constraints for the installation that she has managed to take into consideration in the design.

During her time at Pen Konsult, she has been involved with purely industrial project to design for air conditioning and ventilation (ACMV), instrumentation and controls, cleanroom design. She also task to design for process facilities system like RODI, Wastewater, Gaseous system, Oil Free Air, Vacuum and Exhaust systems. Chen Yin has been involved in detail design for few of the multinational industrial project for semiconductors industry within local and oversea like China, Thailand that Pen Konsult has undertaken.

Hun Kooi Teck

Mr Hun has been part of the Pen Konsult team for over 17 years. Coming from a Multinational with over 10 years of experience in IT systems with also 2 years of IT contracting experience with a local IT contractor, makes Mr Hun our in-house IT expert. His experience also extends to doing tool hook-up design and management for some of our top Multinational clients. On an easier note, he has also undertaken most of our commercial and residential projects.

Mr Yeap Kin Wai

  • M. Eng Electrical Power Engineering

He is our Senior Electrical Design Engineers. Experienced, organized electrical engineer. Coming to join us from other consulting firms. Having over 10 years of experience, his working background has been purely designed engineering. Since joining our team, his design ability and aptitude has developed positively and grown by undertaking various industrial jobs that have come our way. Like many of our engineers, Mr Yeap has been working on various multinational based projects in Penang and Thailand. His design experience ranges from 33kV system to 415V systems, Information Technology (IT), Extra Low Voltage (i.e. CCTV, Card Access, Public Address, Telecomunication). His early days on commercial, mix -development design experience has brough with him to lead in both PenKonsult mix developments and industrial projects.

Mr Louis Ng Chen Haw

  • B.Eng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering

He is one of our Electrical Design Engineers. After more than 6 years with Pen Konsult, he has completed the design, witnessing the test and commissioning of both industrial and mix development green field projects. His design experience and skill ranges from 33kV system to 415V systems, Extra Low Voltage System (i.e CCTV, Card Access, Public Address etc) and IT passive system. Louis commitment and dedication to follow up with authorities and always a team player that see projects through from conception to completion.

Mr Chang Wei Liang

  • Bachelor of Town Planning (Honours)

Mr Chang is the specialist in fire protection services. He is specializing in fire protection services active system ranging from local compliance like Bomba, LPC Standard to NFPA and FM standard. He has over 11 years of working experience with Pen Konsult.

During his time at Pen Konsult, with his self-discipline and attention to details character he has developed from technical assistant to specialist for fire protection system. He involved with wide range of projects from local SME factory and mix developments to multinational industrial clients' projects. Involved with projects within local industry and oversea project at China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India that Pen Konsult has undertaken and witnessing the complete of his design from design stage to completion of green field projects.

Our other engineers have come on board within the last 5 years and have enjoyed the exposure and experience of designing and managing Multinational projects as have the senior engineers before them. Our vast experience in the field of design, consulting and project management has provided our team of engineers a solid foundation of knowledge and experience.